KSA flag

Continuing the discussion from Zwift events email is not replying anymore:
Hi, dear zwift support team, it’s a good long turn of membership and works to gather to do add a good things cycling
I am old number of Zwift platform and I am leading big Zwift group in KSA organizing meetups and teach people about every thing about Zwift especially in this covid19, bad Days
I want your support in the below :

  • We don’t see our country flag on the platform it’s not fair to see the flags of all countries also the small countries like Kuwait, Qatar and the Emirates are on the platform and there is no flag of our country is this reason due to religious discrimination because the flag of our country carries a religious nature or what is the main reason for this knowing that we have sent many messages about that without Feasibility
  • I surprised today that I can’t make more than 3 meetups every day even I was doing it as test meetup to learn the people haw to join in
  • I need videos about Zwift companion and had to add zwifters and invite them to team ride and has can they accept that meetup and going
  • I want green jersey for my team in KSA
  • we want you to develop the way of inviting the friends to join in the meetup to it’s a complicated and long process example you can’t invite people to the meetup until he adds you and you accept that you can create new idea as creating groups on Zwift companion and one invitation can go for all in one click and they accept in one click
  • you can add group cheating in the group wail raiding it can be between them only
  • for the Zwift organizer as me you can give them some new permission to make races between their group in state of only make meetup together.
    Thanks for your support in advance
    With you at heart

Adam KSA