5 years and over 100,000km on Zwift [SOLVED]

and still cannot get my country flag in-game. I have requested this over and over again, Is it that you don’t take my request seriously, don’t value my business, or both?

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the country… yes… a small country but I pay my subscription in US dollars.

Is this a technical issue or just not worth your time to put in place? Also, why the ■■■■ do I need to create a forum post for something so basic? this is very frustrating

I appreciate your frustration Michael but you are effectively venting in the wrong way. Creating a forum post isn’t going to make your flag appear.

I’m working on the basis that you have submitted a ticket. Have you had a response to this?

If you could keep a lid on the language, there are people from all ages on her that might be a little offended albeit it’s been edited out.

Ride On!


Well… the Saudi’s got their flag by spamming the forums, many others are still missing unfortunately.


I guess then as per the answer to the Saudi flag that it’s on the list.

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Good quote in there too.


As Zwift stated upstream," there are MANY missing flag icons that we need to add. We’re aware, and working on others that didn’t make it into this game release. No need to create new topics."


the word being blocked is “the opposite of heaven”. I used the word h.ell

it has been 5 years. My life expectancy 74. At some point I will run out of time


One is hard-pressed understanding how difficult can it be for Zwift to simply make sure all UN members states are represdnted in-game.


That was over 6 months ago! How many flags have been added since? How long can it possibly take to add a flag?!?

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It {should} be as simple as assigning ONE person 4 hours of time to add flag images to a graphics library, and indexing those to a list of countries that are in a table in the database.

Gang - it’s gonna be awesome when all the missing flags are finally in the game after so many years. I’m right there with you.

Won’t promise a specific ETA, but I can tell you that work has been done on it the past few weeks. Don’t die us on just yet @Michael_Steele :sweat_smile:


So now you have to be a UN member? That’s non-inclusive and probably a very short list of countries, but I know of at least one on that list (Taiwan). However, Taiwan does have its flag in Zwift.

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The whole issue is bound to become political - your post being the proof. I’ve always considered Zwift apparent reluctance to advance this issue as related to such controversies (but this is just my interpretation…)

As there is no way to consolidate such differences in Zwift (people can’t consolidate it in the world outside Zwift!), a list will have to be conjured - and the UN member state list is the closest available as a “global” agreement.

(Edit: Yes, I know you are from Taiwan. No, I have no way of solving all the world’s problems.)

Edit: Which also reminds me of the different legends Google Maps shows to people from diffract countries…

Not necessarily. Yes, I’m in Taiwan which can be considered political in certain terms. But, I definitely did not intend to come across w/any political angle. That said, many of the countries missing flags are not what I would call controversial (e.g., St Vincent and the Grenadines).

Anyways, Shooj said work has been done. So, lets wait and see what countries have been added.




Far more difficult than adding a graphics card model to a lookup list, one presumes. And that can take a year.

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It is a very complex and time-consuming job. Let us give them another 3 years, hopefully, in that time they will figure it out

Thank you for the response. I do appreciate that Zwift is trying to expand the platform and focus on other things like eRacing, anti sandbagging and stuff for the pros and rush towards an IPO. But there are average regular users that do not race that have been here for a long time. we seem to get ignored. The message of “We are working on it” can only appease the masses for so long. It comes off as “let them eat cake”

Zwift need to hire more work experience kids. I reckon half of the items on the frustration list could quickly be ticked off.

The trouble is they use a Sprint methodology where the prioritization criteria goes something like this:

Is the change going to make us money in the short term?
Is not doing the change going to cost us money in the short term?

If the answer is no to both, it ain’t gettin’ done.

hiring or not hiring developers is not the issue. To your point, It is a company-wide viewpoint on the thing. Let us focus on features and fixes that will increase the user base. Zwift’s motivation: as long as the number of new users is more than the number of users leaving then there is no issue.

changes are driven by this:
Will this feature or bug fix attract new users? if yes, then add it to the latest Sprint. If no then tell them that we are working on it and hang up the phone.

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