Country flag shows in companion, but not showing in-game when riding

My preferred country flag Suriname and that of several other non-first-world-countries are not showing in-game when riding/running. It is however showing in companion app profile. I’ve read through previous topics inserted but to no avail and no fix. I’ve contacted support several times and lastly the difference betweeen in-game and companion was at least acknowledged as a bit odd. No follow-up as of yet.
I believe having your (UN) country flags in-game should not be up for votes or dependent of votes. Just imagine if the US flag was not in-game. How would that make you feel? Either all or none in-game, or fictive since we have Watopia. I’d like to have the choice not taken from me to use or not to use your country flag in-game. A choice you have, we don’t. Mine just doesn’t show in-game. Just that greyed flag. Whilst it is there in companion as selected in profile. I don’t think that is right, do you? I think something is somehow overlooked since it is in companion already, yet not in-game. Thanks for considering and thank you for a wonderful experience and the work you do to keep it all running. Please.

Hi everyone, I have the same issue. I been on Zwift since Feb-2020, and it really bugged me not having my flag shows, I sent a note previously to the support team but never got an answer. I said maybe they need more time to fix that but as u said, in zwift companion the flag is there; has the thought also because I am still using the free version that is why my country flag doesn’t show until I start paying. Today May 1st, I had my first payment made to Zwift and I updated to the latest software but still I have the grey flag.
Please Zwift can you look into this. Thanks.

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Yes it is very annoying. Please fix it.
Khobar - KSA