Gray flag displayed beside my name?



I’ve set a flag in my user prefs, and it shows up correctly in my logged ride list here on the Zwift website, but when I’m actually on a ride, I only see a gray flag next to my name. Any idea why?



The game has only the most common flags in it.  What country are you from?

Thanks for the reply Jon. I’m US based, but I like flying flags from cool places like Jamaica, or Watopia’s geographic location, the Solomon Islands.

I noticed the web assets are not up to synch with the game assets. While I can select a number of different countries via the web based preferences (all with correct pixel flag assets), a much smaller subset has the correct pixel assets in the game engine. 

I’m actually from the Caribbean - Sint Maarten and would love to rep my flag too :slight_smile:

Any chance my flag can be displayed while I ride? It is set up correctly, but is gray during the ride and I am proud to have it up there…

The same thing is with the flag of Serbia. Is there any chance that I ride under my flag? Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

I’m from Andorra (Europe).

I’m another one that I can’t see mi flag

It will be nice to see it when I’m riding, and I dont thing that it can be too dificult to show

Best regards