I’ve seen riders on screen with different country flags by their name, how do you set the flag?

good point.I am “usa” but in fact uk

There will be a user profile screen available in the upcoming weeks which will ask you to fill in a bunch of info like weight, height, birthday, sex, and country. Until then we’re all Americans on Zwift Island.

That’s awesome Jon, thanks for getting back. I could have sworn I saw a rider with a belgium flag on Friday (must have been pushing myself too hard and was seeing things)

Indeed you probably did see a Belgian flag as I was in there testing flags out in some new code.

Hey guys - has the flags issue been addressed? I changed my country to Ireland but its still showing me as US.

Ireland doesn’t currently have enough riders for us to include the flag. In the next update you’ll have a ‘generic’ flag rather than usa.

Still no love for us Canadians? I’ve seen British, Australian, Dutch and German flags recently but mine is still showing as US.

And I’ve seen plenty of people with no flags - in the mean time, how do you un-select the US flag?

I am fron Costa Rica, already change my country… but no flag :frowning: