(Greg Woitzik) #1

I’ve seen riders on screen with different country flags by their name, how do you set the flag?

(S Schofield) #2

good point.I am “usa” but in fact uk

(Jon Mayfield) #3

There will be a user profile screen available in the upcoming weeks which will ask you to fill in a bunch of info like weight, height, birthday, sex, and country. Until then we’re all Americans on Zwift Island.

(Greg Woitzik) #4

That’s awesome Jon, thanks for getting back. I could have sworn I saw a rider with a belgium flag on Friday (must have been pushing myself too hard and was seeing things)

(Jon Mayfield) #5

Indeed you probably did see a Belgian flag as I was in there testing flags out in some new code.

(Richie Close (RACEWBR) A) #6

Hey guys - has the flags issue been addressed? I changed my country to Ireland but its still showing me as US.

(Jon Mayfield) #7

Ireland doesn’t currently have enough riders for us to include the flag. In the next update you’ll have a ‘generic’ flag rather than usa.

(Greg Woitzik) #8

Still no love for us Canadians? I’ve seen British, Australian, Dutch and German flags recently but mine is still showing as US.

(Richie Close (RACEWBR) A) #9

And I’ve seen plenty of people with no flags - in the mean time, how do you un-select the US flag?

(Bernardo (Nano) Alfaro) #10

I am fron Costa Rica, already change my country… but no flag :frowning: