I'm in Canada but Zwift shows me with a USA flag

I’ve set my location to Canada but inside the simulation I’m shown with a USA flag. Shouldn’t it show a Canadian flag, or no flag if there’s no image in the simulator yet for Canada? Now, it happens that I’m a dual citizen of the USA and Canada but I don’t think Zwift would have had any way of knowing that. :slight_smile: On the web site my.zwift.com is shows a Canadian flag on my dashboard, so it seems to be just a problem within the sim.

The Canadian flag will be represented within Zwift when the next update goes out (sometime within the next 7 days).

In fact, Canada, Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden were all added for this next update, and we’ll continue to add more as we see where our users are typically from.

Hi Im in Ireland, my nationality is set to Irish but my flag is Canadian. Can this be sorted? All the Americans are chasing me!

You’re in luck. The Irish flag has been added and will in in the next update that goes out in the next 7 days.