I'm in Canada but Zwift shows me with a USA flag

(W ish I was Outside) #1

I’ve set my location to Canada but inside the simulation I’m shown with a USA flag. Shouldn’t it show a Canadian flag, or no flag if there’s no image in the simulator yet for Canada? Now, it happens that I’m a dual citizen of the USA and Canada but I don’t think Zwift would have had any way of knowing that. :slight_smile: On the web site my.zwift.com is shows a Canadian flag on my dashboard, so it seems to be just a problem within the sim.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

The Canadian flag will be represented within Zwift when the next update goes out (sometime within the next 7 days).

In fact, Canada, Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden were all added for this next update, and we’ll continue to add more as we see where our users are typically from.

(I Original) #3

Hi Im in Ireland, my nationality is set to Irish but my flag is Canadian. Can this be sorted? All the Americans are chasing me!

(Jon Mayfield) #4

You’re in luck. The Irish flag has been added and will in in the next update that goes out in the next 7 days.