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Hi, as an upcoming zwift nation and the only country in northern. Europe, not represented with a flag in-game. We would love to have our flag added :pray::pray:

You may be interested in this thread:


@shooj is it true that this is a lost cause? We really would appreciate if it would be possible for in-game acknowledgmentnt

Thanks. Hope for the best :pray:

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You may have missed this from Shooj in that thread I posted:

So fingers x’ed we get our nation’s flags in the next monthly release or so!


Hey. It is possible to select Faroe Islands as nationality, but not to choose our flag. Is it just a shortcoming in programming? Representing the Faroe Islands Cycling Federation, we are about to launch a national e-cycling league, and we would greatly appreciate having our flag available. Iphone has it :faroe_islands:


Yes we will cross everything possible :smirk:


Yes you can - its simply the flag is missing when riding in the application. Faroe Islands even have the flag in Zwiftpower so all good there too.


Welcome aboard!

(Jumping head-on to controversy)

Isn’t Faore Islands an autonomous territory of Denmark? Where do you draw the line (as far as flags are concerned…)?

(I have long declared myself autonomous… can I have my flag in Zwift as well?)


That is true that Denmark owns us. But we are still represented as the Faroe Islands :faroe_islands: In all international events and activities. This is both politically and in sports. See, e.g., pål Joensen at swimming, at the WC he represented ud as Faroe Island, not Denmark

It’s like you been owned by your parents until you are grown up, but you still stand as in independent individual.

Want to know more about the Faroe islands see Wikipedia and search Faroe Islands🇫🇴

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Got this back in jan 2020.

Den 12. jan. 2020 kl. 05.14 skrev Zwift Support Team <>:

Hi Havard,

Thank you for reaching back out to us!

We have made a request to our development team. We do appreciate your patience!

If you have anymore questions or concerns please feel free to reach back out to us!

Ride On.
Johnnie H.
Member Experience Agent

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Your (good…) justification is wasted here… nobody knows what Zwift’s logic is, or, indeed, if there is any.

At the same time, one has to draw the line somewhere, or else I insist on having this flag included:

Screenshot 2021-02-24 125627


I will not make me the judger of which flag should be included in zwift or not. I still believe that is for the programmers to decide.

But I will just like to make them aware that our flag is not on when riding zwift, even though I can choose that I’m an individual from The Faroe Islands in Zwift. When I open the zwift companion app and see my profile, the Faroes flag is there, when I open Zwift Power, the Faroes flag is there. But when I ride the bike in zwift I’m marked with a Gray flag with a star. And since our flag is allready showing in the companion app, I hope that this is only a minor change to have it show in-game as well :smiley:

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@shooj ? possible this is only a minor bug in the game ? that we actually are able to have our own flag shown in game ?

Also see here @shooj


@Torkil_Veyhe5698 @Helgi_Olsen

Please update your game app when it’s released on all OS platforms. Today’s game client release v1.11.0 contains all the the flags that used to be missing.


I must have all the same flag threads tagged as I see you are responding to each of them - good on ya for updating individuals @shooj. Classy.