Complete Flags Menu

(Candido Alfonso WSR) #1

Please add more country flags. I would love to put my Puerto Rico’s flag next to my name.


(Scott) #2

Thanks for your patience. Now that we’ve made the jump to 64 bit, we’ll be able to round out our flag support.

(Candido Alfonso WSR) #3

Yes!! Thanks! Gracias!

(Roger Pier - CISCYCLING) #4

Thank you Zwift team. While you are at it, can you add Grenada?

(Raymond VanEtten) #5

…and if you folks get bored, the Conch Republic?

(Roger Pier - CISCYCLING) #6

Would also like to have Grenada added please. 

(Jürgen Kerstna) #7

Estonian flag please! Country of Jaan Kirsipuu, Tanel Kangert, Rein Taaramäe - and myself. Been trial riding now for a while and will joining as a paying member if you add my flag


(Roger Pierre) #8

Grenada please.

(Hermann Hesse) #9



Ghana’s flag please on the IOS app.

(Chris Challenger) #10

how about the United States Virgin Island