Scotland flag add for rider selection

Please can you add the flags of Scotland / Ireland and wales , I think making the choice available would be much better

Agreed! Would also like this option.

This has been suggested a few times, make sure you vote those requests up to so Zwift knows what the users want.

Yeah, add the Scotland flag please

And the Welsh flag please!

And the Cornish flag please.


How about the Gadsden flag too

… and the flag for that little green patch at the end of my garden!!!

Honestly though, I do support the devolved flags! (maybe an english one as well, with burned corners and a broken pole…)

I would imagine that when the Scottish Flag emoji is added in June, they’ll add the Saltire to Zwift - it drives me nuts - I just put the Australian flag on instead

Alex, I guess you are right, since it seems to be the only scottish national flag.

What would you like to see and why does it drive you nuts if I may ask?

I don’t really like having the Union Flag next to my name and especially when the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and the British Indian Ocean Territory don’t have to, it’s bs so I just put the Australian flag - I’m half Australian anyway.

agree! Scotland forever!

Hi Simon and everyone who has taken the time to comment here,

We’ve now added these flags. You should see them once you get today’s update.

Thanks again for your patience! Ride On.