Scotland flag

Can we have a Scottish flag please. Don’t you like Scots? We are a country (currently occupied by a foreign power) and we have a flag. It’s called the St. Andrew’s Cross, and most of us would like it on our profiles.

Vote up the other request, no reason to start a new thread.

Scotland is not occupied, it has entered a union some 300 years ago (possibly against its will). 

Whilst I can see your point, in a way, one should stick with the facts, and i live and ride in scotland myself.

The standard for flag selection is perfectly good as, other wise, there would soon be flags of every single US state, UK county, deutsches bundesland, etc, etc, where would you end it?


Kermit, at least you said, “Possibly against its will”. If you dig a bit in the history books you will find that there was an English army on the border at the time the vote for the Union of the Parliaments was taking place, and the nobles were bought off and the Scottish economy purposely crushed, to ensure the vote went the way the English wanted. The army were at the border in case the vote failed.

So yes we entered into a Union. I believe the Vichy government entered into some kind of Union with Germany too. They were very happy with that arrangement also.

Many Scots are aware of the above kind of thing, and therefore feel strongly about our flag. It’s a big subject and since you are not Scottish I do not feel that your opinion is particularly important. I was trying to communicate with the people at Zwift, not English people who don’t share the feelings of Scots.


You make a good point. I’ve voted up the other thread too though :slight_smile:

Hi Neil, 

I do agree with you entirely but the point is: where do we stop with applying all of the flags everyone wants.

I was merely adressing this issue from the point of zwift and other countries in terms of fairness across the board.

I am not even english but can still share the feelings of the scots, since that is where i live and do understand pretty well your point.

This could sort out the issue for everyone:

Everyone is asking for their own national flag rather the union flag, the rules governing  the standards used in zwift are fine by me but lets put the flag into the helmet (as per zwift standard) and create national jerseys.

So, the flag is UK and the jersey is, say, scotland or whatever, 

The spanish / catalan issue solved in the same way, … peace at last!!!

There are plenty more countries where this could be useful.

We can have the same for the states of the US and the dutchies of germany, wow, what opportunities, … i go and get a beer now.

I know that my opinion is not important but just as important than anyone’s, no?

I think there is a simple solution.

Allow all nations flags. Even nations that have been swallowed up by others, regardless of whether they are still recognised on official maps. If they have their own flag and a strong feeling of national identity, give them their flag.

I’ve heard the argument that this would create a problem as there would be more flags in Zwift and it would be hard to know where other riders were from. Well as it is I don’t recognise half the flags I see in Zwift anyway and if I wanted to identify the country of origin of a particular rider I’d need to use the internet to find out, and I bet this is the same for (probably) the majority of riders in Zwift.

Another alternative - get rid of the flags altogether. Religion, politics (and Nationalistic sentiments) are subjects that stir feelings that cause debate (this thread proves that well), and do we need that in Zwift? In the Zwift world the primary thing is your watts, not your country :slight_smile:




The reason the Scots, Irish, and Welsh all have a problem with the Union Jack, is that it is not a flag of happy Union. It signifies the defeat of our countries after much struggle to resist English domination. Remember, England started with our small nations and then went on to dominate the world with the British Empire. Ask countless nations how they felt about that shit…

I ride under the Italian flag as I had to choose something, and I would ride under anything BUT the stinking Union Jack!

Official answer about flags can be found here:

For now it is not possible because of memory restrictions.

Use the Dutch one instead;-)

I just voted that one up too. I share their frustration. Ukraine is getting used and abused at the moment anyway. I didn’t know their flag isn’t listed as a “top tier important” one though.

Zwift’s official answer about memory restrictions is the kind of thing you tell people to get them off your back. Organisations just give the customers a line when it suits them, and that reply reeks of patronising bull…

Actually, I found last year that the swiss are well respected, even though they are europeans.

So, not being particularly nationalistic, I went off and bought myself a swiss national jersey and use that on the road.

It must be coincidence but the usual anti cyclist hate on UK roads has gone down a bit.

RideOn everyone!!

Kermit, which is your home country?

Well, did not want to say but as you are asking…

I am one of those evil europeans, lived in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Romania (less than 6 month though) and Finland, England 5 years and for about 15 years in your sunny Scotland.

According to Blackadder, we used to have a little sausage factory in Timbuktu, …  yes, you got it, I am german.


That doesn’t make you evil - as you will be well aware. 

And at least you have your own flag on Zwift :slight_smile:

Thanks for saying so, I wished it would be a more general view with all that euro bashing going on.

Feel free to use it as well if you get bored of the Italian flag. (I used to live in Pisa and Livorno, which is quite a coincidence as I am just passing Pisa on the Zwift tour de Italia)

Where are you if I may ask?

No nation is composed of people who all think alike - in fact it’s completely the opposite. And history and the media don’t inform us well of who did what and who was responsible for this and that. 

I’m in the Scottish Borders. A nice wee town called Melrose. Good area for cycling, but only in the Summer :slight_smile:

Well said. if everyone learns a bit about tolerance of the other, the world would be quite a nice place to live, alas, …

I am near Oban, very lonely riding up here, even in the summer.

If you ever see a muppet in front of you whilst cycling through zwift, it is probably me!


I agree with what you say.


Good news, Everyone!

Get in-game and check your flag. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised =)

And if you haven’t already selected your country, get in-game, go to your menu, and edit your profile to change your country to Scotland. These flags have been added to the newest versions of Zwift and Zwift Mobile Link. We’ll be updating to web soon, as well.

Thank you again for your patience, and as always,

Ride On!