adding the the flags of Wales, Scotland and ireland?

started using Zwift this weekend, i think it’s awesome

any chance of adding the the flags of Wales, Scotland and ireland?

these are all individual countries


thanks guys

There is already an Irish flag

ok thanks, i was only looking for the welsh flag for myself, i assumed the others weren’t there either and it was just a UK flag.

just noticed england isn’t there either

Wait what? Wales, Scotland and Ireland are real countries?.. I thought they were just made up to make English children behave??



Please can we have the English flag as well, i hate been called British.

Please release a Scottish flag, I really do not like using the British flag.

Yes, welsh flag please, please, please!

Welsh flag definitely wanted, pretty please :slight_smile:

And the other flags of the Uk

Welsh flag would be great…

I think you mean the Northern Irish Flag as it too is part of the United Kingdom. We need it added too please .

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As you can see there is a real desire for the flags of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to be available for profile selections. I suspect a not insignificant part of your revenue stream will come from these constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Thus,  it would be well received by a good proportion of your customer base  for Zwift to now move this request to the planning stage - thanks

Why do so many countries think Scotland doesn’t exist (Wales and Ireland too). 

Please the scottish flag !!

+1 for Scots flag.

If all users from England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland unsubscribe then I am sure they will try a little harder to get our countries flags up!

It would be great to see the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland flags as well as the Union Jack - please give us the choice!

This was from Zwift support!

Unfortunately, Wales (nor Scotland or England) is not listed in the ISO 3166-1 country codes list, but the United Kingdom is. This is the standard by which flags are added into Zwift so I do not foresee the Welsh flag being added unless this changes.

The more people that email support the better we need to get a campaign together.

Wales compete as a separate nation in numerous international events.