Come on guys. Give us a Welsh flag!!! 

Yes, a Welsh Flag!

Wales are country then why is not in Zwift?

It doesn’t look like this will happen any time soon :frowning:


Apparently, Wales isn’t a thing. Neither is Scotland or Ulster. Or Europe, come to that.

But you can choose to be from Pitcairn, if you’re one of the 54 residents of Pitcairn.

WTF Zwift? Come on. The ISO Standard you picked is not fit for purpose. You need to replace it.

Hey everyone! Take a look, we’ve add the Welsh flag. You’ll see it in the newest versions of Zwift and the Zwift Mobile Link app. We’ll be updating it to the web profiles soon.

Thank you for your patience and upvotes!

Ride On!

Saw a guy with a welsh flag, how the hell do you get one, absolutely desperate to get one. Show everybody we own the hills!!!1