Northern Ireland flag/nationality? [SOLVED]

Hi there,

Zwift has individual nationalities for Scotland, Wales, and England - would it be possible to please add Northern Ireland as an option?

Derry girl?

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I’m pleased to have the Scotland flag as an option so I fully support this request.

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Well, would like to have the flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia, too. Don’t see why you can’t just use the flag of Great Britain.

Possibly related to this… “The flag of Northern Ireland currently holds no official status, and as such is not proposed for inclusion”

Mainly as a result of history. For some reason I can’t post links but Google “The Troubles” and Northern Ireland.

Well, for one thing, Northern Ireland isn’t even part of Great Britain.

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I also care less about the flag and more about being able to select it as my nationality

Hi @Rearviewmirror

Northern Island already is an option in the Zwift game app. Please select your flag in the game client.


The list of flags is most comprehensive in the game app because we updated it two years ago. The list on your web profile page and Companion app may not be updated - this is still something we need to complete.


Amazing! Thank you. I didn’t see that option through the website.

Plus, of course, under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement (Zwift Extension) we can choose to race under the UK flag, Northern Irish flag, or the Irish flag :slight_smile:

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