Any chance of having the Welsh Flag?

So any thoughts on this?

Yes please

Great idea. Was going to post it myself. As well as the obvious, it would help greatly in quickly identifying friends that we wish to follow.

Any update to the Welsh Flag Availability please?

Folks - all the home nations flags should be here. Scotland Wales Ireland and England. And of course U.K. for those who prefer. Relying on ISO is not the right approach.

Completely agree - any updates on when this is going to happen?

Still no news on moving beyond ISO and getting some new flags out there folks?
The home nation flags in the UK would be a good set !!

Hi there,

We’ve got good news! We’ve updated Zwift and the Zwift Mobile Link with flags for England, Wales, Scotland, and N. Ireland. We’ll be updating it to the web profiles soon.

Thanks again for your patience!

Ride On.