New Welsh Flag

Would it be possible to have the Welsh flag ?

Scotland flag would be much appreciated too!

I would like to see Kazakhstan flag as well.

A Welsh flag would be greatly welcomed.

Makes sense to offer the 4 UK Nations flags as options - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

I see you have the Isle Of Man Flag so why not the Welsh one then

yep that’s another request for the flag of Wales please from me!

and me!!!


Now the Scotland & Wales flags have been introduced as bitmap flags, this removes your reason for not having them in Zwift

Do, rhowch y faner Cymraeg â ni nawr!

Hi everyone,

Request granted! We’ve added flags for Scotland, England, Wales, and N.Ireland. Be sure to update Zwift and your Zwift Mobile Link app to see it. We’ll be updating it to web profiles soon, as well.

Sorry it took so long. We truly appreciate your patience with this. 

Ride On!

I have looked through the flags list in the profile section, and still don’t see Scottish (or Welsh) flags available to select?

Hmm, okay, I do see it in Mobile app, but not in the profile section on the web.


Many thanks for the update. May be worth refreshing the web profile section also?

Hi folks. Yes, this is what I meant when I said that the web profiles would be updated with the new flags soon. They are only visible in-game or in ZML until the web update.