Devolved flags for the UK nations - Vote this up if you want changes to the current system!

There has been a lot of griping going on about everyone in the UK riding under the ‘Union Flag’. TBH, if people want devolution, then they should have it IMHO. I would happily ride under the Red Cross of St.George without any problems, as would the Scots under the St. Andrew’s Cross, the Welsh under the Baner Cymru or Y Ddraig Goch  (meaning “The Red Dragon”) and the Northern Irish under the Northern Irish flag*,

(*) However, I am aware of the obvious political connotations this would have for some Northern Irish People.

Whether the flags are listed in the ISO 3166-1 country codes list or not, the flags should be listed - If members want devolved flags, then that should be done, surely; we pay for access to Zwift for goodness sake?!

 Just my 2p’s worth :wink:

Please vote this topic up and have your 2p’s worth too if you want to see your country’s flag :wink:

I’m from England.  Very happy / proud of the Union Jack thankyou.  No need for anything else.

I’m proud of the Union Jack too but nothing wrong with allowing someone to choose the St Georges flag.

Again, I’m With Jason and Clive - I’m English, and while I’ve no Issues at all with riding under the Union Flag, I do see (and have friends) from Scotland and Wales who WOULD far prefer to ride under their own National flag, much as they support their own teams in Rugby, Football etc.   - and I’d be equally as proud and happy to ride under the Cross of St. George as the Union Flag (though, frankly, I’d far prefer to hold out for the Yorkshire Rose…  but that’s a whole different can of worms…)

At the end of the day, In the UK we’re getting stung for a premium payment (costs rounded up after VAT applied) so I reckon some small token gesture of adding 3 flags to the database wouldn’t be too much to ask…    

For those happy to ride under the Union Flag, that’s fine - nothing wrong with it at all - but give the people who aren’t the option of their own countrys flag I say…

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ah let them have their flags, still none of them will ever beat us at Rugby, signed(RSA) :wink:

No, but we just beat you in the Cricket test matches :slight_smile: (ENG)

Try to see this from a less ENGLISH point of view!

Where is this meant to stop? Yorkshire is a good example but next step would be, for example all the various regions in Spain (Catalonia, Basque etc…), German Duchies, all cantons of Switzerland, Europe, all the states of the USA etc… it would get very messy and nobody would know where someone comes from (how many non yorkshiremen/women know the flag and that it is part of the UK?)

Endless cans of worms and discussions about what constitutes a reason for an own flag.

I think the current ISO standard used is good enough to be honest.

Personally, I would like to ride under the flag of the county I currently live in (my choice) but there is none, though, rather than the country I happened to be born in (it happened and nobody had the common decency to ask me) also tough!

… and let’s not get into who beat whom at what, …please!

Could we have the local national anthem when winning a race, too? 

I’d also like to see the European Flag, frankly. That’s conspicuous by its absence.

It’s all very well saying the current ISO standard is “good enough”, but I, like a lot of other riders, ride with a Welsh flag decal on my bike, and I can’t carry that over into Swift. It just doesn’t feel right.

Especially considering that the flag of Pitcairn, a nation with about fifty people in it, is selectable.

Good news!

Today, we’ve gone ahead and added the flags for England, Wales, Scotland, and N. Ireland, among others. This is currently found on the newest update to Zwift and the Zwift Mobile Link. We’ll be updating it to the web profiles soon.

Thank you again for your patience and as always,

Ride On!