Please add Estonian flag.

Hi guys, I know you are busy but is there any chance you could add Estonia flag as well. Country is on the list but no flag :frowning:

Thank you!




+1 By the way, Zwift is showing Estonian flag in user profile in the browser, but during riding in the game it’s just the gray ‘star’ flag. Come on Zwift programmers, you can do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Its time to add the flag…!!!

+1 waiting for flag!




Soon almost a year on first request, is it really so hard to do?:slight_smile:


We’re currently have a limited number of flags due to memory restrictions, but we’ll be adding more based on the ISO 3166-1 codes as we optimize the game.

Apologies for the limitation, and thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thats what they said to me


Still no flag?

Cycling for the second season now, but it’s a shame that there is no flag for Estonia in PC.

This is what has been said a year ago:

We’re currently have a limited number of flags due to memory restrictions, but we’ll be adding more…

I am also a software developer and can not understand which device exactly is so limited in memory size?! There is a flag in Zwift Mobile Link, so do I understand right that my PC with 4GB of RAM is the problem? :slight_smile:

Please, rise the priority of this ticket!


Yeah. Still no flag. It’s getting ridiculous. The only European Union flag that Zwift hasn’t been able to add to the game due to mysterious “memory restrictions”.

It’s funny, I wrote to Zwift a week ago and asked about Estonian flag. The reply I got was the same copy/paste “memory restrictions” email everyone has seen many times. It sounds like they don’t care even tiny little bit and in the meanwhile they update the game with new tracks, cycling gear etc. which is demanding loads on memory. But as Zwift is saying basically there’s no more room for 1KB (and that’s probably overestimated).


PLEASE PLEASE add Estonian flag. Please!

tundub, et nüüd on meie mure lahendatud

Jako - Minul ei naita endiselt midagi. Just logisin sisse.

logisin uuesti sisse ja endiselt on olemas…

Hmm, minul on endiselt tyhi. Proovin homme uuesti. Ma saatsin emaili teisipaeval ja uurisin et miks endiselt ei ole lippu ja vastasid, et ikka malu probleemid. Aga see on suureparane kui nyyd ikkagi on lipp olemas! Loodan et homme yhendab mul ka ara.