Hi ZWIFT team.
I am a paying ZWIFT member since 4 years and love to use your application. I have a request to make. I would love to be able to choose Kosova among the countries on the list. I am not “permitted” to train under my flag because my country it’s not on the list. Therefore I am asking the ZWIFT team to take actions and as soon as possible add Kosova on the list of the countries. When will that be possible?


Hi Vlora. Not to take sides or get into politics at all, but I’m guessing that if Zwift uses a list to determine what flags/nations are available, the problem might be from the issue of being recognized as an independent nation or not. I know Kosovo has applied for EU membership, but that was pretty recently, right? UN as a whole is still not on board, iirc.

That said, people can select Antarctica as a flag, and that’s not even remotely a nation. So ‘being recognized as a sovereign nation’ is not a necessary qualification. Hopefully someone from Zwift can give you some info or explanation here. @James_Zwift, who would she talk to about this?

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Thanks both, I’ll flag this with our team.


For more relevant criteria, the Kosovo Cycling Federation is a member of the UCI and UEC.

There are also entities like Åland Islands and various UK constituents on the list as well that aren’t UN (or UCI) members so the criterion is probably more like “things with a flag in Unicode” than anything else.


Thankfully, Kosovo is in the Unicode list, so hopefully it can be added! :kosovo:


Thank you for the information Anna Ronkainen! Kiitos! That’s good to know.

Thanks for the answer Tom! In my opinion Zwift is a training application for cyclists and runners and should be able to provide the clientes the right to choose their country regardless policial status of it! We leave that to the UN and EU and enjoy biking instead. If there is a large number of clients using ZWIFT from a specific country and want to use their country flag they should be able to. Kosova is an existing country in Europe!

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Thank you James! Looking forward to hear more!

I agree, I didn’t want to sound like I was saying it should be that way. I was just wondering if that was the reason why Kosova hadn’t made the list yet.

(Is Kosova, with the ‘a’, just a variant spelling? I’m used to ‘Kosovo’ with the ‘o’, but of course I’m used to a lot of English-ized spellings of things :slight_smile:.)

I can see your point of view Tom.

Regarding the name of the country, the Albanians from the country call it Kosova but the English proper translation is Kosovo. So you were right.

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Any news @James_Zwift ?

Hi Vlora,

Apologies for the lack of news from my end.

I’ve asked for a further update and will let you know when I hear back.

The Kosovo flag is still missing. Please add.

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Thanks for the reminder! @James_Zwift any news?

Hi @Vlora_Jashari

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I have short-term good news and longer-term good news to share with you.

We’ve had long-standing requests to sort out the messy national flag selector on the Zwift web profile page. We’re finally getting the web selection aligned in coming weeks with the selections in the game and Companion apps.

During that work - we confirmed that Kosovo is indeed missing from the profile web page, Companion and game app. We have identified the work that needs to be done, and we’re on it.

When we have progress to share, we’ll update this thread. We know that representing your family heritage is important and we appreciate your continued patience.


Good evening everyone,

Any news Shuji about this topic ?
I also would like to have the possibility to choose Kosovo as country