ZwiftPower Country Flag Incorrect


My country flag in ZwiftPower is Zwifterland. I was wondering if there is a way to update this flag to reflect my actual country as listed on my Zwift profile.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Someone reported this previously - Wrong flag in zwift power - #2 by Paul_Allen

I wonder if your country is the same as them and if this is a bug with a particular country.

I think for issues with Zwiftpower you need to contact [] but just a warning that the product is “abandonware” pretty much, as I understand it the original developers left and Zwift seem to not have put anyone on looking after the product and are developing a replacement instead. So they may be unwilling or unable (or both) to fix your issue.

Good luck

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Thanks for the information! Really appreciate it.

You don’t appear to have a country selected in game. What were you trying to set it to?

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Trying to set it to United States. Perhaps I did this in the wrong place? When I log into my Zwift profile it shows the “United States” as being my nationality and the tooltip beside that field indicates that this value determines what is displayed “in-game.” Perhaps this is completely unrelated to ZwiftPower? Wasn’t able to find a place within ZwiftPower to modify the country flag.

Thanks for your help!

I’ve just updated it for you - not sure why it wasn’t allowing you to do so in the first place!

Really appreciate your help! Does it take a bit to propagate through the system? I ask just because my ZwiftPower profile still indicates that my country is “Zwifterland.”


Try clicking on the refresh profile button :slight_smile:

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haha, I’m an idiot! Thanks for the help! Worked great.

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Because the data is taken from Zwift, you have to tell ZwiftPower to update itself, although I think this would have happened automatically within 24 hours.