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I can’t select The Netherlands as a country. I am not a citizen of the European Union…!!!

Hi, you can do this from the Zwift Companion App.

Since you are publishing in the Android forum I will assume you are an Android user.

  1. you need to install it on your mobile devices from google play:
  1. open you profile in the Zwift Companion App

  2. Tap on Edit

  1. Tap the country flag

  1. Select the Netherlands

  1. Tap the back button at the top and then pick Save

Now the flag will update in the game.

Thanks for you reply. But I noticed now I have created this topic in the wrong section.

I was refering to

The site seems to be working at least for Firefox and Chrome. It’s possible it had a hiccup earlier today, especially given that half the cyclist in the Northern Hemisphere are trying to log into Zwift.

I am not talking about a website not responding or giving corrupted data due to heavy network traffic.

I am talking about that I am a Dutch citizen and I don’t recognize the European Union as such.

Please take a look at your profile in

Sorry about the confusion. I see now, you are referring to the language region selection. It controls only the language of the UI. Zwift has some partial support for Japanese, German and French, maybe they will include more languages in the future as there market grows in non-English speaking countries. You can still manifest your nationality through the flag select button.

Europe is the region

Don’t make stupid and ignorant jokes about this. The European Union is something politcal.

I am Dutch and European. I am not a citizen of the European Union.

Meanwhile I have changed it to World. But then I get the US flag. Better that US flag than this ridiculous EU flag.


I removed you from my list of who I follow. If you did follow me, I will ask you to do the same.

That is the reason why I openend this topic, so Zwift should not interfere with politics and change European Union to Europe.

Btw.1. My ID-card doesn’t mention anything about being a EU-citizen.
Btw 2. You mixed up Schengen (ID card) and EU
Btw.3. Millions of people in The Netherlands don’t recognize the EU as a state or what so ever.
Btw.4. UK is still part of the EU, yet Zwift presents the UK as a different selection. So Zwift is not consistent

As a UI localization (UK: localisation, if so inclined) setting, having UK as a separate option makes all kinds of sense. Also, European Union-ness has all kinds of implications in terms of VAT, GDPR, and who knows what, some of which may even be reflected in the UI.

(Looking at the odd screenshot of various non-English Zwift UIs, it looks like there’s still a lot of English around, so probably there’s no actual difference between US and UK at the moment.)

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My wife also has a card issued by IND and also on that card nothing is mentioned about being an EU citizen, only EU resident. There is a semantic difference between resident and citizen.

Furthermore, when crossing a border you need both your passport as well as the IND card.

All what you mentioned is already covered by the selected country in your profile, which takes ofcourse precedence over your UI localization.

Btw, this is the first website which I encountered stating EU as a region instead of Europe.

AFAIK, there are at least two other region settings in addition to this one. There’s the flag in the UI which is basically just eye candy, and your billing address or whatever that determines what currency you pay in and other legal stuff.

You want to go back to the regularly scheduled programming instead? You know, having to exit the game to do certain things, sandbagging, etc.

And look at the first result…

But indeed old school…People who favour EU don’t respect the opinions of people who don’t like EU.
Why make 50% happy instead of 100%. What is so difficult of stating Europe instead of EU…, like all other websites do…

Just use your brains for once this day and scroll around.

But I guess you a quite an EU fanatic…

You started being offensive, not me… Reread your previous posts. That was reason enough for me to unfollow you.

Again, Zwift should not interfere in politics and stay neutral and mention Europe as a region like all other websites.

But this will only take a few years until NWE-Exit is a fact.

Can we keep this respectful.
It is fine to have differing opinions but we should always respect each other.


That’s true. But this whole topic is messed up with silly arguments.

Better remove it, since I am quite sure Zwift won’t change the UI.