European Stars Flag (EU)

(Christian Chrome) #1

Hi Zwift developers,

Please, can we get the European stars flag (EU). I know that you are using the ISO 3166 numeric code for flags and that the EU is listed only in ISO 3166 Alpha-2. I tried to hack it, but it didn’t work out the desired way.

It would be a bold statement for a strong EU if you allow us to select this flag.

Thanks, Christian

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #2

I have already reverted all my online aliases back to my home country and the UK does not feature in my life anymore. I close my business in the UK and will leave for the continent in 3 months time, due to Brexit, to never return.

However, I think we should keep politics out of Zwift for the general good.

(I still voted you up though ;o)  )

(Matthew Whitwell) #3

Id like the EU flag in the game please.

(Andreas Madreiter ZRG) #4

Ists a nice blue anyway. Put me in for EU Flag.

(Matthew Whitwell) #5

How long do we have to wait for news on this flag?


(Kate Ebert []) #6

How about that flag huh? Would be awesome!

(Robin Grant) #7

+1 on this one. Would make me feel slightly better about Brexit if I could at least be European in Zwift…

(Philip Barnes) #8

yup, would be great, as for the political point, aren’t all flags political? - how about it Zwift?