State/Province/Region Flag

It would be cool to have options beyond country flags. Zwift HQ could start with the Lone Star flag of Texas and work down the ladder of importance to others. :wink:

Everyone would just think you’re from Chile.


I suspect the challenge is flags are pulled from a standard UNICODE set.

Adding custom emojis would increases workload for the near infinite number available.

Hmm, except for flags like Scotland and Wales

Scotland and Wales are in Unicode, and so are Åland and Greenland as well.

(It’s not that long ago that Zwift only had ~100 flags available, missing about half the independent countries of the world…)

I’ve been called worse.

I mean, it’s close. You’re from the Land of Chili, just one letter different.

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Quite right. I was going to make a joke about that, but figured the world was tired of hearing Texans brag about chili - or anything else. I mean, just because ours is clearly the best doesn’t mean we have to go on about it… :cowboy_hat_face:

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Ah, everyone loves chili. I made some chili a couple of nights ago, beans and all :wink: