Profile with State Flag?

I would love it if Zwift would allow us to use our state flag in our profile. This wouldn’t be mandatory but as much an option as “Wales”, “Scotland”, or other flags within the nation.

Does this interest anyone else?


There are loads of state/region/province/territory flags around the world, and they change more frequently than national flags. It’s not unreasonable to want this but it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. I think Zwift is using ISO-3166 as the basis for country flags.

I’m not sure that 50 more state flags would be that difficult to add. In fact, not everyone uses that flag of their nation but often what they believe shows support or where they identify as “home” or heritage. Surely Zwift would want to encourage more community engagement than separation by nation.

There are probably thousands of state flags. At least many hundreds. There’s no standard that defines them as far as I know. They change frequently. Why would there be a Zwift flag for Texas but not Brittany or Jalisco? It’s a practical problem that is harder than you imagine.


Good point. I was simply thinking of the US state flags but you are correct that this could be expanded as demand for them come forth.