Location fields in profile, US state flags

The Zwift profile doesn’t include fields for location.

In the US, states are as big or bigger than countries in Europe.  How about adding state flags as choices? (suggest starting with OH)

I wonder if other states and provinces worldwide also have regional flags.  From what I’ve seen it has been somewhat hard to get full coverage of flags for each country so this could be hard to pull off.

I vote for the Ohio flag too !


I’d like to ride under the Bavaria state flag, bitte.

+1 Ohio.

Do we really want a state flag or just some designation of which state a person is from?   My concern with the state flag idea is that I hardly know what any state flags look like to begin with, so that wouldn’t help me much.  For example, I have no idea what the Ohio state flag looks like, so I might assume someone from Ohio is really from Uzbekistan or something :wink:

Not only that, some state flags are poorly designed and would be really hard to figure-out at such a small size.  The Texas state flag is simple and easy to recognize, however, I live in Wisconsin and our state flag is poorly designed (IMHO) and almost no one would outside of Wisconsin would be able to identify it… especially if it was tiny.

For the United States, displaying the two letter state acronym somewhere would be way more helpful to me.