Improve "Choose your country or region" section on Zwift dot com

TL;DR: Please present interface language choices without country/political flags on the Zwift site

This is a minor issue (certainly when compared to other things happening this weekend…), but one I hope Zwift could bear in mind when developing the main site.

When logging into zwift dot com, the choices of languages, linked to a limited set of countries (and, oddly, the political entity of ‘European Union’), are presented in a way that I haven’t come across elsewhere:

As a citizen of a European country that is not a part of the European Union (Switzerland), it feels odd to have that flag/name linked to the options that I would choose.

In a Nov '21 thread asking about a different aspect of this section Choice of country - Oceania?, @shooj wrote:
This screen is more about selecting your language preference, and is tailored for non-English speakers whose languages are supported in-game. We don’t make a distinction for written English text beyond the overbroad UK / US variants, which is why other native-English speaking nations are not represented here.

From what I can tell, there is no language change in the site content if one chooses US English or UK English, for example (favorite stays favorite, etc.). If that’s the case, and this is really just an interface language choice, would it be possible to have the language choices presented without countries or political choices attached?

Going one step further, If we’re logging in with our Zwift logins anyway, can’t the site pull our country and language preferences from the game, defaulting to English if the preferred language isn’t one of the six languages supported in game?

If, as I suspect, location data taken from the country/region selection influences what is presented on the Zwift Shop page, then maybe the selection of location should be supplied on that page instead, leaving language selection purely a language interface matter.
Thanks for taking this into consideration.