Choice of country - Oceania?

Choose your country…

Not sure if this is a bug but when you log into the Zwift webpage/community forum portal it doesn’t give Australian’s or Kiwi’s the ability to log into their time zones (I know it adjusts using the system clock).

I know it’s not very important but the C-Bot is Australian so surely this rates high on the “must rectify” list in HQ’s lunchroom…:wink:

This screen is more about selecting your language preference, and is tailored for non-English speakers whose languages are supported in-game. We don’t make a distinction for written English text beyond the overbroad UK / US variants, which is why other native-English speaking nations are not represented here.

Time zones have nothing to do with these selections. You surmised correctly that time zones in-game are determined by the clock settings of the computer being used.


@shooj thank you for the clarification…:+1:t3: