Why is the APAC Region automatically in Japanese and not English?

Being in Australia why does the Asia Pacific region automatically translate into Japanese and show the Japanese flag when there are multiple nations as part of the APAC region.

If we have to keep changing the language from Japanese all the time Zwift should be able to add the oceanic region for Australia New Zealand and the Pacific nations using the app.

I don’t want to run in the American region and I have tried to set it to the World English region but this reverts to American region.

The European region has 4 or 5 regions so why doesn’t APAC have multiple regions as there are many different languages in this region as well.

An Oceanic or Pacific region in english would be great to see team

What exactly are you referring to? I am in Taiwan, which is most definitely APAC. I have never seen anything in Japanese requiring me to change the language.

I think he is referring to the Zwift website. If you click on the flag next to your name on the Zwift website then there is a very limited choice of regions and languages. The Americas only has USA/English Canada/French and Canada/English for example. Tough luck for anyone from Brazil. The only choice in Asia Pacific is Japan/Japanese (sorry Korea, nothing for you).

Personally I just have it set to USA/English but I’m not from the USA. As an added bonus, if you select World/English it seems to just go back to USA/English.

Ah… I see. I too have mine set to USA/English. The settings there seem to only apply to the website and not the in Zwift flag or language. In Zwift, there are more language offerings and many many more countries.