Game Update - February 23rd, 2021

OK, this is not enough info to go on. What Garmin HRM are you referring to, most are ANT+ ONLY and Zwift on iOS is Bluetooth ONLY.

Thanks for the news will there be a stability update to the companion. App to anytime soon

What sort of instability are you encountering? I am not having any issues with ZCA.

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I updated today and now the pace partner seems to jump all over the place. One second it’s several riders in front and then instantly it teleports to several riders (or farther) behind. This jumping continues to repeat. I’ve never seen this prior to the update.

By the way, this is only the pace partner that jumps around: the riders around me behave as expected.

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When will you finally update Zwift so that we can finish a ride/workout save it and go on to a run/other workout without having to exit and re-load Zwift??? It’s incredibly annoying and amazing this hasn’t been fixed a long time a go. Makes virtual bike to run transition long winded. Should be a simple thing really.


Hey Abdullah - checkout Shuji’s update posted a couple of days ago in this flag related thread:

Blimey tough crowd!
Well done zwift on the improvements and love the platform.
Keep up the good work!

Just finished riding with C Cadence same issue with her jumping around. Also if I got more the 4/5 metres ahead drops vanished off screen with no warning as before, but if I dropped back they suddenly reappeared. The final straw for todays ride was when I was riding off the front & without seeing C pass I started to drop back but still no sign of Cadence, seems she had magically passed me and unfortunately no sign of the blue group leader beacon that shone into the sky as before, has this been removed or just broken?

Just updated and completed a Gran Fondo workout. Showed as completed but when I went back in it was showing as still to do! Have screen shot of completed workout if you need it. After successfully uploading the ride to Strava the app went back to the ride selection screen rather than closing. I am running on Mac.

After the update on PC the program just stoped in the middle of a session and was lost.


I do not believe they can fix it soon (perhaps ZOON, but that is another story…).

You Iris Xe GPU compared with Nvidia GTX 1650 (entry level for gaming):

Zwift is a 3D game, needs good GPU. Using Open GL does not make it better, that’s why Nvidia is being recommended.

I know, this doesn’t help you, sorry.

Their is a problem with Zwift and the latest firmware with the kickr v5 I rolled back to previous firmware all is good now

You must be new here


After I bought a Wahoo TICKR, I haven’t had issues with my HRM. Garmin HRM gave out after some use. My TICKR is still tickin’ with no issues!

My wahoo KICKR disconnects and reconnects randomly from the bluetooth. My Apple watch is not registering at all…what happened

What about average pace indicators during a ride?
Distance of climb left?
Set target time for a ride and ride to achieve it?

Agreed, I have been having this issue for weeks, sent all the log files etc to Zwift and only recently have been informed there may be an issue with Zwift and the Intel graphics drivers. Can’t use the laptop at all due to it freezing, I have to rely on borrowing a friends iPad at the moment which is obviously not ideal. This really needs sorting.

@shooj a little update / response in the leaders section would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


Three months already and you have not resolve the crashing issue due to newer intel graphics, it is frustrating that in the meddle of an event the system crashes, and your answers is seat and wait or get connected in a different way, but I cannot because I use computrainer that is hardwired to the computer.


I’ve noticed the same thing. Wondering if it was intentional or not. It’s nice to be able to see the team tags during a race.