Saudi Arabia Flag 🇸🇦 [SOLVED]

Saudi Arabia isn’t the only country that someone’s asked for a flag for. It’s not special in that respect.

Nor is it the largest population without a flag by any means.

Saudi has about 35m people. Bangladesh has 165m, and has no flag. Myanmar, 55m. No flag. Sudan, 44m. No flag. etc.

Anyway, Zwift have said they intend to add missing flags soon, so hopefully that happens.


The countries mentioned might have larger populations but I am pretty sure they have less users.
What system did they use to determine the order of flag introduction? Was it purely random?
I don’t understand why is it so difficult to add all countries in the world. From a technical perspective I can’t imagine it is very complicated.
Anyway I am glad they are planning to do it now.

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It’s a stretch to expect missing flags soon. We’ve heard statements like this for five years or more:

We are loading flags in as more memory gets freed up in Zwift while we optimize the client. Your country’s flag (as well as others) will be brought in eventually. We thank you for your patience! [July 2015]

Thanks for your patience. Now that we’ve made the jump to 64 bit, we’ll be able to round out our flag support. [September 2015]

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Gang -

  1. We’re aware that many national flags are missing besides the Saudi flag. The work ticket involves getting the artwork for many more flags.
  2. Let me reassure you that because it involves many flags, this will not happen before the next game update. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

A vote for Fiji flag please. We probably have smaller population than Zwifters online now so will never get the popularity vote, but flags are important to all people, regardless of size of biking community.


thank you for your understanding and looking forward to the next game update.

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I was scratching my head when zwift admitted to being racist and improving in the future. Maybe this is what they were on about.

Meh … missing Saudi flag has NOTHING to do with racism, as this flag is not only one missing in the game.

There are dozens of other missing flags (from all over the world/nations/“races”). We can call it ignorance or laziness, maybe … and if Zwift really wants to apologize for something (and promise improvement) this would be a more appropriate theme.

Zwift ignores their customers and their requests and wishes for years … and you really needn’t be “man of color” to experience it … :slight_smile:


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All on this thread:
Image 001

Please update your game app.



Big thank you :pray:t2: Shooj :heart_eyes::saudi_arabia:


Hi Shooj, I was part of the thread and I replied to your comment saying I am from Oman and our flag is also not available in the in game. Asking if I need to open a separate thread to address my request to have the Oman flag in the in Game.

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As I stated upstream, there are MANY missing flag icons that we need to add. We’re aware, and working on others that didn’t make it into this game release. No need to create new topics.


Iraqi flag is not there as well. Why they don’t just add all the flags I just don’t understand that.

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Please IRAQI flag

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Hi guys,

I would like to use Iraqi flag in my Zwift account but when I selected the country name I don’t see the flag. Would you please add the Iraq flag in the list as the rest of the world.

I would appreciate if you guys help us and vote

Thanks a lot.

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That’s cool and amazing

Thanks a lot and Zwift will stay as our favorite

Salam Shabab,

Please support by voting my forum thread to add the Oman flag to the Game. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Shuji,

I am back again asking about the flag, it has been 4 months since Saudi Arabia got its flag in the game, and since than several upgrade came by but seem our request has been put on hold. I really feel it is unfair not having my country flag in the game while most of the other country are represented, also that i am paying the same fee for membership. While the companion app has the flag, why the In Game can’t use the same. i Would really appreciate if Zwift would consider this and try to understand our position instead of ignoring us.