Morocco flag

(Aguezal WISSAM Casablanca) #1

I request to add Morocco flag to zwift ! Why you only show selective flags for specific countries while you grey out the rest?

(Evert Herremans) #2

I believe it has to do with limitations within the software, I’m guessing something along the lines of only being able to add 128 flags or something, so they picked the country’s where cycling is the most popular.

That being said however: this month Zwift has been out of beta for 3 years, I figure this should be enough time to resolve these kind of small issues. It’s also not like Morocco is a miniature country…

You have my upvote at least…

(Aguezal WISSAM Casablanca) #3

thanks Evert Herremans

(David Behnsen) #4

That’s realy a shame!

(Mohamed T [Morocco]) #5

Another Moroccan cyclist here, it’s a shame that it doesn’t show.