Even spread of running events please!

I’m a regular early morning UK runner (08:00) and I have not seen any running events starting at this time for a long time now. I notice that events aren’t evenly spread throughout each day, and in the evenings there are a load, with some only 30 mins apart from each other. I know there are other runners around the world (AUS/NZ/JPN evening runners for example) affected by the large block of time where nothing is going on.

I’ve mentioned this to Zwift Support as feedback, and they will pass it on to the Development team, but they also suggested I raise it on this forum to get more traction (if there are others that want to vote for this).

More evenly spread events please, I want to run with other people… it’s what Zwift is all about!

Yes please, we need more for Australia early evening , which marries with 8am UK well.


I’d also like some early 6am/7am GMT running events too.There are plenty of rides at that time but no group runs which is a real shame

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