Group run & race times

I would love to see some Running Events around 0630hrs / 0730hrs / 0800hrs

For some reason there are running events at 0200hrs, 0300hrs 0500hrs… IF there are people running at these crazy times, then how can we or can you organise times for those who have to run early in the am, prior to breakfast and the pesky kids :slight_smile: waking up.

ps: you have been my sanity and saviour over the past two weeks in France

Hello @Piers_Colombini welcome to Zwift forums!

We’re glad that you’re enjoying Zwift. Running is still in (free) beta, so the events calendar is likely to be bit thinner compared to the cycling event calendar.

However - you should know about Meetups. These are private sessions that you can self-organize and invite your Zwift friends to run with you. You pick the time, the world, and the route. A key point is that you can invite the people who follow you in Zwift.

This is our concise guide on our support hub, which is available in four languages, if that’s important to your friends.

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Thanks @shooj for your very quick response. Unfortunately dont know enough people on this yet… However I can wait… Just to let you know I am so happy I discovered this running app. If you could or some1 could add a time for consideraton 0700hrs or 0730hrs would be fantastic!

Also, is there anywhere where these is a complete guide on how to interact, use, navigate all the the running side of things. All the information is a little vague.

Thanks again and keep up the GREAT work

I will pass along the request for more run events, but to be transparent - we’ve had a sharp spike in the number of event requests these past two weeks, as you can imagine. We appreciate your patience under trying circumstances.

As for a guide to running, our support hub has a section for our runners in French, German, Japanese and English. It sounds like you’re already familiar with the basics, so the Advanced Features section might be more your thing?

Zwift also has a series of how-to videos on Youtube. The run videos were the first ones (scroll toward the bottom of the list).