7am UK Races

Hi, my opportunity to regularly ride zwift is 07.00-08.00 GMT (I’m in the UK), but I can’t really find any.

Does anybody know if any clubs which race at this time, or how I can find more races?


Use the companion app to search for all events. In order to find club events you’ll have to join the club to see them.

Thanks, and yes I am using the companion app, but there is nothing available to select between those times.

I guess it’s a funny time of the day for races in the UK.

Although just looked and there’s racing in at those times.

Make sure to reset the filters on your companion app if you can’t see them.

There are not that many during the hour you require. Your ZP account suggests you have found those which do run during that hour.

You have probably also found that the Club events don’t have that large a field and that most of the racers are leaning towards the ZRacing monthly series which run, generally, at either 6:10 and 8:10 one day and 7:10 or 8:10 the next day.

As you are probably aware you can jump in and out of Club group rides in the morning as your training rides and possibly race at the weekends - if you have time at weekends.

what sort of races would you be looking for.

It’s really case of supply and demand with 7am being a bit of and odd time unless you are Aus/NZ msot don’t ride around that time to race

Hi @Andy_Pymer_T2.5_D and welcome!

I’ve been in the same situation as you and sadly there just aren’t as many events in the UK morning as in the evening - and they are quieter - but the good news is there are some.

You have to plan a bit in advance as each day is different. As Ian mentioned, the ZRacing events are held at 7:10 some days but not others; if you can catch them on their “on” days they’re great fun. Other club events happen on some days but not others; you just have to look each week to see the patterns of what’s when.

Also, for racing, it’s worth looking at events like the Tour de Zwift and Tour of Watopia when they’re on. These are open rides for all abilities which you can race - and many of us do; the TdZ is my favourite event of the whole year. There’s one every hour - including at 7am - so you can try this, at least until a week on Sunday (Feb 18th).

Oh, and don’t be put off by small fields in the morning; I had a fantastic morning race once that had just 3 people in it, which was great fun because I could suss out each of the rivals and figure out how to beat them. Plus 1 in 3 is better odds than 1 in 30!

Thanks for your comprehensive response Paul, much appreciated.

Hopefully will get some alternatives when the clocks change. I thought this would be a really popular time before people start work, but oh well.

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15 miles or less and no more than 600 climb, C cat, but the choices are limited.

any particular days/times i’d be open to request more events from zwift if there is an obvious gap that you think would get decent numbers to race. Feel free to dm me

You’re putting yourself into a special category all of your own by wanting to race at 07:00 :wink::smile:

How so David???

there is a reason 7am is quiet just does not seem to attract the numbers but maybe we are missing something.

I’m with Andy on this, but I end up doing some quiet races with 10-20 riders in C, and there are less in D. The Rhino Crits that Gordon and I run have a 7AM US Eastern time slot and it has adequate numbers (for my taste) in C, but D is often quite sparse. We don’t have a race at 7AM UK time currently. I would expect it to be similar. I know that some D riders enter the C category event in order to have a better experience, but not many do that.

Simply because I expect most people don’t feel like racing at 07:00.

So maybe not a category of 1 … but certainly a ‘quiet’ time slot for Europe, and a ‘very quiet’ one for The Americas.

One other thing that helps encourage more entries in events at quiet race times is to sign up well in advance. I often sign up for events a day or two ahead so that people see that the event will have enough participants and therefore want to join. I do that even if I’m not 100% sure that I’ll do the race. Sometimes I sign up for two events and then pick the one with the bigger field at race time.

Andy, the events team has added a new 7AM UTC race time for the Rhino Racing Short Crits, which are held on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Please tell anyone who might be interested

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So I see Paul, amazing. I’ve signed up for tomorrow’s. Hopefully they will get enough attendance to remain. Many thanks, really appreciated.