Event start times (GMT/BST)

Loads of events that used to be around 8pm UK time are now around 7pm. Presumably this is because of the clocks going back, but that was over a month ago.

At what point will everything revert back to ‘normal’? Or is it reliant on event organisers changing their listings?

I had to manually change the KISS Races.


Cheers, thought as much. Way too complex a problem for Zwift’s events system to handle automatically, then.

In the two hours between 7.30pm and 9.30pm tonight there are only seven events, of which four are races. Pretty sparse compared with 6.30pm to 8.30pm, during which there are 43 events with 22 races.

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6.30pm to 8.30pm: 38 events, 22 races.
7.30pm to 9.30pm: 16 events, 5 races.

What’s going on??

6pm to 7.30pm - 17 races
7.35pm to 9.40pm - 3 races

It’s all up to the organisers, isn’t it? Presumably these are popular times for European riders?

You’d think so, but as I say there used to be loads more events around 8pm UK time. Three in the space of two hours at prime time for those with kids (7.30-8.30pm) is a bit sparse.

I have:
6pm to 7.30pm - 3 races
7.35pm to 9.40pm - 11 races

I would think (hope?) Zwift event team also should be encouraging “smoothening” of event start times, types etc. And maybe if organisers dont fill up a certain peak periods, Zwift should step in and put a few normal race events on?

Dave, I could imagine it is a Brexit issue…

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Don’t get me started. :unamused:

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