Australia 5:30am events

Hi - I am new to Zwift (running) and live in Melbourne, Australia. Due to work commitments, I usually run at 5:30am (Melbourne, Australia time). I really enjoy 10km distances, however there are minimal events at this time. It would be great to have more events at this time - is this possible? Otherwise, I end up free running and then joining an event at 6am for a couple of kms, before having to leave early (and that annoys me!!).


I’m not a runner nor in AU but as a kiwi, I have a challenge with finding decent cycling events that work for my preferred time of the day too given most events are geared around more popular global time-zones.

If you are new you may not have used yet - I’d highly recommend you use it as the basis for finding events (it has filters for time of day, distance etc). If you click this link it should show all the running events filtered to Melbourne 5am-7am time for the next 7 days for example.

While Zwift put on regular events, they also rely on community organisers so it may also pay to gather up support from fellow runners and hit up a friendly organiser.