TDZ Sweep Up Events

Times are so ridiculously inconvenient. For UK people, these are during the work day, late at night or very, very early in the morning.

I cannot use treadmill at unsociable times as it disturbs my neighbours and I cannot use it during the day as I’m at work.

Can you accommodate at least one of the stage 1 runs to be in the UK evenings between 6pm and 9pm?

The schedule won’t change.

Closest you get is 9pm

However have you considered setting up Zwift and logging into an event in the day and just leaving it logged in until you want to run?

As there is no running draft there’s no advantage to running with others.

I do this. I tend to run straight after walking the dog so if the event is at 9am I’ll log in beforehand and sit in the pen. Your time won’t start until you move. So when I get back at half 9 or whatever I just jump on.

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Good shout… could be a long wait with computer switched on!!!