Riding Today (10/31)

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #1

I’m going to do a Zwift ride today, Friday 10/31. Anyone interested in joining? I am fairly flexible on timing although would prefer before 4pm or earlier New York time (EST).

My preference would be around noon EST.


(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

I’m going to ride now for about 90 minutes if anyone can join. It’s 4:20pm EST.

(Eric Min) #3

Greg – when do you normally ride during the week? The best times for me are when my kids are asleep!

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #4

Hey Eric - I generally have a fairly flexible work schedule that allows me to ride when convenient. Usually I ride late afternoon or early evening, 5-6pmish EST.

It is somewhat flexible though so I can adjust if there is a time you would like to meet up online. My kids are all college age or older so that’s not an issue for me!


(Eric Min) #5

I’m away next week but the following week, late afternoon times work pretty well for me.