Jump In Here to Notify Others When You Plan to Ride

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #1

Let’s try this. If you either post in this thread or click on the FOLLOW button I believe this messaging system will send you an email when someone posts.

If you plan to ride a certain time and want some company, post the time you will be online here. If it goes as planned the system will notify all the followers of this thread with an email with your scheduled ride time so they can join in if they choose.

If any of the Zwift staff has a better option for getting something like this going please feel free to jump in!


(Eric Min) #2

4:30-6:30pm EST window is usually best for me.

(Jerry Perullo (B)) #3

05:30ET tomorrow morning (Monday 10Nov2014). Bring it!

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #4

Thanks for jumping in guys! I’m also hoping people will chime in with impromptu rides.

For example someone could post “I’ll be on around 6pm EST today for 60-90 minutes if anyone wants to join”.

If people plan to join then they could chime in with “I’m in at 6p” and everyone else can get an idea of how many plan to join.

When the system scales this will probably be too unwieldy with tons of notifications, but for the beta I’m hoping it will help get some group riding started.

(Jeff Abbott) #5

Any west coast riders out there? I am still in the office when you guys ride (or fast asleep). I missed yesterdays ride as it was perfect weather in Boulder and we are about to get pounded with snow the next few days.
I plan on being on Wed and Thursday 6am Mountain. And possibly Thursday 6pm mountain time.

(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #6

I’m hoping to be riding around 10am West coast. Unless I decide to try getting out in the fresh snow here in Bend.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #7

The weather has turned here so I am planning a 90-120minute ride online at some point this afternoon. Likely sometime between 4 and 7pm EST.

Some company would be fun!


(Eric Min) #8

I should be out there.

(anon18154799) #9

I should be on at about 6:30 am tomorrow morning (14 NOV) but only for a short ride.

(Jeff Abbott) #10

Ian (and others) dont forget to post your timezones.

(anon18154799) #11

Sorry, roughly 6:30 EST (Miami/New York time)

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #12

I’ll likely do 90-120minutes Saturday morning around 9A EST (NewYork). Hope to see some folks on!

(Trevor Barcelo) #13

Greg - I was totally planning to join you but ended up leaving the required computer at the office. Bummer! Tried running Zwift on an older computer and totally failed.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #14

Not going to be able to ride anyway…Have to go into work earlier than I expected.


(Andrew Parker) #15

Hey all – I will probably be on tonight starting around 6:30 or 7:00 EST, for about an hour. Was on for a quick 30 min spin this morning to flush the legs from the weekend’s outdoor riding… but I’m too excited about Zwift to stay away!

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #16

Anyone planning to ride tonight (USA east coast time)? I am going to try to do a ride around 8:30 or 9:00 PM.

(Trevor Barcelo) #17

I’m planning on a 5:20-5:30a ET ride tomorrow morning 11/18.

(Jerry Perullo (B)) #18

Trevor I’ll see you then. Game on. Warning: I’ve been tapering for a solid month!

(Trevor Barcelo) #19

Jerry, I’m weak at my best :wink: see you in the am.

(Alex Weil_CA Racing) #20

I am planning on a ride at 5:30am 11/19 for any east coasters.