Jump In Here to Notify Others When You Plan to Ride

(Jerry Perullo (C)) #21

Alex it’s gonna be a party. Now to get to bed…

(Alex Weil_CA Racing) #22

a party of two jerry…

(anon18154799) #23

I’ll be on this evening at about 5:30 EST. Have to swim this morning, so I unfortunately cannot join this morning.

(Alex Weil_CA Racing) #24

East Coast riders - would like to get a race going on during Wednesday mornings at 5:30am edt to 6:30am edt? Any takers?

(Trevor Barcelo) #25

Alex - I’d be up for that. Good to see you this morning.

(Shane Whitworth) #26

I hope to be online around 5:30pm CST tonight for an hour. I will be doing some interval training based on a power workout I have to do so if I seem like I am riding like a dork and passing then dropping off just ignore me! :slight_smile:

(Andrew Parker) #27

Hope to be on sometime around 5-6pm EST for 1.5-2 hours of zone 2. Of course, if a bunch of you show up and want to contest sprints, I’ll happily trash by zone 2 workout :slight_smile:

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #28

I should be on at some point in that time frame for 90-120minutes.

(Mi Kael) #29

I’m EU based, so CET time zone for me. I’ll be riding tomorrow (friday 21’st) at 16.00 CET, so 7am PT / 10am EST, for about 60-90 minutes.

(Andrew Parker) #30

So – I saw someone from the morning crew posed the idea of a weekly race at 5:30 am. I just can’t handle waking up that early, but I like the idea of a race.

Any interest in a regularly-occuring race in the evening? Say… Thursdays at 7:00 pm ET?

(Shane Whitworth) #31

Andrew - I would be up for it. Not sure how that would logistically, would we all join in and wait until 7pm EST to start riding? How long would we ride for? Let me know your thoughts.

(S Schofield) #32

We need some more GMT riders!

(Andrew Parker) #33

Shane – that’s what I’m thinking. Maybe everyone joins a few minutes prior to 7, and we roll at 7 sharp.

Here’s my proposed format:

–1 lap “neutral roll out” to get a bit warmed up. Everyone rides together at a reasonable pace

–race starts once we start lap 2.

–race lasts for 5 additional laps

So, we would do a total of 6 laps – 1 “neutral” and 5 more in race-mode.


(Trevor Barcelo) #34

I’m one of the early guys, and gave this some thought. Since everyone warms up differently (and at different speeds), what if you just agreed to start at a specific time SHARP (e.g. 5:30a or 7p). Users could jump on early as they saw fit to warm-up. It is everyone’s responsibility to be at the start line at the agreed-upon time. I don’t know if this would work any better, just an idea.

(Greg Woitzik) #35

I plan on riding today (Nov 21) at 1pm EST if anyone else is interested. If so, I’ll see you on the course!

(S Schofield) #36

Anyone in GMT land planning a ride this weekend? Or anyone in other time zones that might work for GMT?

(Trevor Barcelo) #37

Scott - I will probably try to ride early tomorrow morning US ET … maybe 6:30a or so. I think that’s 1130 your time, right?

(Alex Weil_CA Racing) #38

May ride at 6:30am edt as well

(Trevor Barcelo) #39

Alex, just FYI - I’m going easy this morning (and I’m not terribly strong to begin with :wink:

(anon18154799) #40

I plan on getting on tomorrow (WED 26 NOV) at about 6:15 EST to do a 30-minute spin. I’ll be going easy, as I have a marathon to run this weekend. So, no sprint points for me Andrew Parker!