Allow Riders to See When Friends Plan to Ride

(Bill Pritchett) #1

I wish Zwift would let me schedule a ride so that my friends could see when I plan to be online.  For example, if I know I’ll be riding in the evening, I might schedule a 7:00pm ride so that friends can see it and know when to find me on the course.

(Juan Ascoli) #2

At the least, it’d be nice if friends could see when you’re scheduled to ride an official event. We can already see who is signed up for events by viewing an event’s details and participants, but it not really reasonable to go checking so many events throughout the week for the presence of certain friends. Seems it wouldn’t be too difficult to allow friends to check a friend’s future/planned group/event rides. This ultimately would allow friends to connect more frequently and easily, further improving the social haven of Zwift. Thanks Zwift rock stars for considering this.