Maratona dles Dolomites Fondo - anytime on 31st?

Hi Zwifters,

I’ve never participated in such an event and I’m confused by the wording of the Maratona Fondo “rules”. The rules mention a “promotion period” spanning the whole 31. December in UTC.

On the other hand here are two events one 9am CET, one 4 pm CET. Does this mean I can enter one of these and finish it whenever I like on that day? Dont I get thrown out after some time? (I can only find time between noon and 4pm on that day).

I have basically the same question.  It is at 2 am and 9 am for me… I have a run at 9 am so I’m wondering if I can do it after the run… or do I need to wake up at 2 am to bike 30 miles before I run at 9 am?  Would be interested to learn the answer to this one.

There is probably nothing preventing you from joining one of the two events and then just leave your Zwift session running until you are ready. Normally you can pause a session for any duration by just stopping to pedal, just make sure that your PC/device does not go into sleep mode.