Tour start times

Is there a sense of how start times are determined for the big tours, like Tour for All? It’s Saturday morning here on the US east coast and there are start times through the morning until 9am, but then nothing until 12 noon. I’d love to ride the stage during that 10-12 time range when my toddler will be napping, but there are no offerings.

I agree with Josh

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Yeah I’m not sure why they don’t just do every hour for these big tours. I usually scroll a bit and see there is one every hour and then of course the hour I think “I’ll get on zwift” I realise there isn’t a stage on.

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For us kiwi’s, thats our “after work” ride time which, apart from weekends, is the only time I can Zwift. We get the short end of the straw for most organised race/rides and thats fair enough given we are small etc, but no excuse for not scheduling Zwift races/rides 24/7.