Tour of Watopia 2019 stage start times are not convenient!

Stage 1 is currently available to schedule in Events. I hope the rest of the stage start times are more convenient for those of us in the US. I’m in the Eastern time zone and like most people work and have family commitments, so riding at noon or 3 am really isn’t an option. Why so few, only 3, start times per day? The Tour de Zwift was so much better even if you only had 2 or 3 days to ride the stage, at least the start times were almost every hour. Plus this is starting during Spring Break for my kids and we will be traveling making it even more difficult to schedule. :rage:

Looking at what is currently available I would guess that they haven’t all been scheduled yet, otherwise I agree with you, very few options at pretty poor times.

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Try being on the west coast - 3 hours behind you. The bars are just closing or I’m about to have lunch at my desk when all of the good races are starting.

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Yeah, I used to live in Utah so I feel your pain too!

I wonder how many subscribers are in the US compared to the rest of the world? Would be interesting to see which country/region has the most active (at least one ride per week) subscribers.


Maybe it’s changed since you looked at it, but I see anywhere from 1-5 start times depending on the day. I only checked Stage 1, but imagine that all of the Stages would be similar. I’m in GMT +8, so the times are most likely my localtime.

T 20:00
W 01:00, 07:00
R 00:00, 01:00, 06:00
F 01:00, 02:00, 08:00, 13:00,
Sa 00:00, 07:00, 15:00, 16:00, 21:00
Su 16:00, 22:00
M 00:00

Looks like a good spread of times w/frequency increasing as the week goes which is probably based on Zwift loading patterns :thinking:

Zwift should definitely reschedule Stage 1, perhaps delay the Tour of Watopia by one week :rofl:

I went back and looked at Stage 2. The scheduling is similar in that the number of starts varies by day. However, the times and the pattern are completely different to that of Stage 1. Regardless, there should be something that works for everyone. Furthermore, there are two (2) weeks of make-up days.

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Same in the UK timezone. There isn’t currently a single start time available for stage 1 between 7pm and 11pm which means it’s impossible to do an evening ride, which is really the only viable time for people with a regular job and a family.

Why can’t they just have a start every hour. There are enough people wanting to do it.


Umm do we know if it says 6pm today that its 6pm GMT or 6pm BST?

Previously I have started a stage in a pen and then left it there while getting kids to bed. You lose all drafting though which is a shame.

The times that I am seeing on the website are not matching up to your list. There are only 3 options each day. Saturday for example I can choose between 3 am, 4 am, or 9 am… I’ll be out of town for Spring Break so it doesn’t really matter, but the following weekend is the same for stage 2. WTH! For a weekend this is really bad, what is Zwift thinking!

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That’s one way to work around the poor choices of start times, but does the time you are sitting in the pen add to your actual time riding? For example if you stay in the pen for an hour and ride for one hour, does it look like it took you two hours to complete the ride?

Good question - I’ll check again. One time i rode out of the pen and that did but I’ll need to look into another event and see :slight_smile:

Might take a while to find one though.

Yes the elapsed on zwift power includes pen time. doesn’t bother me every now and again though :slight_smile:

Odd. I went back and checked again. Here are a couple screenshots for Stage 1 date/times:

Must be from our difference in time zones


If you are US east coast, I’m 12hrs ahead of you. So the dates/times are consistent in that respect. Perhaps they’re still adding slots as well.

Just checked the times for east coast Australia. 3 times when the stage starts at 6:00PM or 7:00PM but these are on the weekend and I usually ride in the real world on the weekend so I don’t usually Zwift at those times. There are no times around 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM, the closest is 5:00 AM on Friday. I usually ride 6-7AM in the morning or around 7PM at night so none of these times are really convenient for me so I’m going to have to skip this tour.


You can sign up for the 5:00 am event, log on the night before, and do your usual 6:00 am ride. That’s what I’ve done for many tours. Stage times are never convenient. This is nothing new.

I agree. Times are not convienent. I much prefer start times every hour or every two hours over a couple days. We all have varied schedules and times that work best for us. For me early morning or late evening works best. In my time zone most scheduled rides are midday or in the middle of the night. Too bad. I enjoyed the tour last year.


UK time here too. I need a start time around 8pm-9pm ideally. Not much chance I’ll be able to take part otherwise.

These were extremely popular start times in the Tour of London and Tour of Zwift, so it can’t just be me.

Please add more times Zwift HQ!


And just to revisit a question asked earlier in the thread … are the times quoted actual local times?

With the clocks going forward this weekend, are the times quoted for the UK based on GMT or BST, i.e. are they the actual time the stage starts or do we need to add an hour?

Fortunately, the Thursday 7pm will fit me for stage 1, but only because it is the last day of term and I won’t need to stay at school long after we have kicked the kids off on holiday.

I agree!!

I’d like the chance to ride these events as a group and as it stands now there is 1 time that might work if I can get out of work right on time, no delay on commute and jump on the bike with no warm up.

I don’t see why they can’t just have a few extra times through the day.

Ride On!