Races seem less frequent

It seems like everytime I log in all the races have just started or they don’t start for another whole hour. A month or so ago I felt like the longest I ever had to wait was maybe 30 minutes at worst. I wish the old schedule were brought back!

Try looking up events on zwiftpower.com or Events ahead of time.

I haven’t joined Zwift Power (too slow), but do they have “hidden” events for members only? I do look up events ahead of time… but I only have a narrow window unfortunately. Sometimes I can squeeze two races in (haven’t done that for over a month now). Now it seems like I’m lucky to be able to just get one race.

I’m not aware of any hidden events on zwiftpower or any other site.

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The Tour de Zwift would have been running a few weeks ago, so depending whether or not you counted them as races then that would be a reason why the calendar feels less busy at the moment. The Tour of Watopia starts soon though so it will be filled up again by that, at least temporarily.

There are definitely times in the day when there are many more races than at other times, which makes it trickier if you can’t make the busier times. Below are this evening’s races (UK times)

5-6pm: 4 races
6-7pm: 12
7-8pm: 4
8-9pm: 5
9-10pm: 1
10-11pm: 1

The Tour of Watopia group rides / it’s always a race / starts next week.

We’ve had a couple of races start to get withdrawn from the calendar for Spring, but definitely not many.

Zwifthacks is the best event calendar: Today – ZwiftHacks

You can parse events out by type, route, etc…

In N.A. West races only start about once every hour. Given a few sandbaggers can actually wreck a race… let’s just say it’s not working out.

I think the idea was that less frequent races attract bigger fields. But I think it’s actually produced the opposite: Many are giving up on racing completely because they don’t have an entire hour to wait for the next race.