Tour of Watopia Saturday option only in middle of the night?

3 options only and all between 1-3 am? Say what??? Seems like I won’t be able to ride the first stage. Silly…

The first stage is available starting March 29th and there is an event basically every hour on each day. Every tour Zwift has ever put on is run this way, some stages are over a weekend, but not every stage necessarily has a Saturday or Sunday option.

You have no time between March 29-April 3 to get a ride in on stage 1?

Didn’t seem to be on the Saturday. Maybe all the times haven’t been posted.

That’s because the stages don’t last for 7 days each (they are 5 days each, with a makeup week after the final stage). And IIRC times are based on Pacific Time (ZHQ), hence why anyone east of the Pacific Time Zone has stage 1 rides into 3 April.

Stage 1: 29 March - 2 April
Stage 2: 3 April - 7 April
Stage 3: 8 April - 12 April
Stage 4: 13 April - 17 April
Stage 5: 18 April - 22 April
Makeup: 23 April - 29 April

All the times for Stage 1 and 2 have been posted. Stages 3+ will be posted closer to their start times.

Is there a reason you can’t ride Stage 1 any of the prior 5 days?

For example, I want to ride Stage 1 on Saturday but I only see 3 times: 12am, 1am or 2 am. So what you’re saying is that I can only ride M-F. My problem is ensuring the ride during the work week; sometimes hard for me to get in the time. I always know I can do a full ride on Saturdays.

Stage 1 starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday. So there are no Saturday ride times.

Look at the dates already posted for you above. Stages 1 and 5 don’t have a Saturday date. The catchup sessions do include 1 saturday, so it depends how they schedule the catchup events.

Depends on time zone - my Friday evening (Austria) is Saturday in Australia…

ToW Stage 1 for me Mo, 6pm to Sat, 8 am.

Yes but OP is in the east coast time zone of the US so they only have 3 options on Saturday (all the middle of the night - 12am-3am).

Answered to Mike:


Thanks all; not sure why Zwift plans these things this way. TDZ was perfect because there was a Saturday. Not everybody has lots of time during the week.

Then do stage one during the make up week. How long does it take you to ride one lap of sand and sequoia, 14 miles? Do you not ride during the week?

As far as the tours zwift puts on go, they run a fine line between being too long between stages and too short people can’t access them.

Stage 1 will take less then an hour for most zwifters at 29km of flat with a draft. I understand the work week can be tough, but surley finding an hour to hop on the bike can’t be that hard?