No confermation mail stage 3 ToNY when completed

Am I the only one who didn’t receive a confermation mail when completing stage 3 of the ToNY?

I didn’t get one either. I am slightly suspicious as the completion screen seemed to come up a few hundred metres early?

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I didn’t get a confirmation email for Stage 3 - Tour of New York either. Perhaps the Zwift admins can check into this for us.

I didn’t get any also (just finished the 15:00 event here in Holland(. No Strava file appearing also.

I just read on the facebook Zwift Riders group that nobody has had the email, including myself, but somebody has been told by the powers that be, that the email will be coming out on Monday!


In my case a Strava file appeared and the completion screen came on time.

@X_RAY: I’m also curious if the Zwift admins can tell us more…

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Thanks for the info. Don 't have Facebook. Nice to know!

Recieved the mail just now!

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Recibido correo 3 etapa ahora

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Confirmation email arrived for me too. Better late than never! :slight_smile:

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Received email. Thanks!