UPG after Cape Epic Pro AM race today

Any reason I and many others were UPG after this race? Only option for community riders was to join the C category. Please sort this out.


I have the same problem.


The same here

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Same here, I see on Zwiftpower against Cat C the text (Categories enforce w/kg boundary), a bit frustrating as that is the group we had to enter.

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Even more frustrating as the coverage almost completely ignored the community riders and seem to have declared the winners as being the first pros over the line - despite the race being branded as a handicap and a significant number of community riders actually putting in faster times than the pros… :woman_shrugging:t2:
The handicaps for the pros were far too big (a quick glance at the stage 4 results would have told the organisers that) but I’m not sure that makes it OK for them to change the format of the race??


The more I think about last nights event the more it winds me up.

From the initial feeling of excitement/anticipation of being invited to participate in a Pro/Am race and then doing a PB effort around the Course. To the disappointment of seeing no coverage of any of the community riders in the YouTube coverage and the final indignity of having the results being flagged UPG in Zwiftpower for being ‘out of category’. (Note all non Pro riders were instructed to only enter group C in the invite email).

I personally moved work and family commitments around so I could join this event and now feel what was the point. This may be just me but I do not feel like this is a way to be treated.

Trying to see the positive, I do feel this type of event is a really good way to join together us amateurs with those Pro riders we follow and support.

It is mentioned that Zwift do watch these forums but I doubt my frustrations will get noticed.


Same here. I didn’t watch the online footage at the time and I also set a couple of PBs. I was excited for the event to see if I would be able to hold off being caught. And then the disappointment to see the results as UPG. And we are paying a monthly subscription for this experience.

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Please Zwift sort this out. In the scheme of things it isn’t important however you invite normal riders to these events only for them to be a nightmare.

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Putting in the link to the post in the events forum suggesting email zwiftpower.

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I sent a tweet yesterday and they said they are investigating.

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I have just sent an email. Thanks all.

I also had exactly this issue with one of the TDZ stages but that was resolved very quickly

This has now been resolved

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