Zwiftpower/TOW listing ride as UPG

I done stage 4/ short ride of Tow today and zwiftpower listed it as upg. Aren’t these rides listed as group rides so power catagory don’t apply or am I wrong in this belief. Also my power numbers were no higher than some of my previous Tow rides. Anyone else had this issue or know why this is?

You’re right. That event must have been set up wrong.

Will this be corrected at some point? Really don’t like the upg symbol on my record😭


@James_Zwift can probably fix this for you, if we ask him nicely. Please, James?

I’m trying to work out if we can do this in bulk or whether I’m not going to sleep tonight.


If you let me know what time (and timezone) you did the event, I can fix this for you.


I really hope it’s the former!

Nah, that’d be too easy especially on a Monday! :joy:

11:04 am, GMT+2. Thanks for the help👍🏻

ZwiftPower - Login is it now a race ? update maybe?

Ha, so that explains how I won the first cat C ride. Everyone else who finished ahead of me was filtered because of UPG or HR and because I dropped down to a “C almost B” a couple of weeks ago I was the best placed C rider.

Classic Zwift.


Classic Zwift has updated the categorisation of the ride.

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it look like they, are all like that.

waves goodbye to Monday


I’ll just save this screenshot for posterity before my gold cup gets taken away.


Should hopefully be fixed.


Top job James, hopefully you’ll be able to relax soon enough. Really appreciate your help👍🏻ride on

Well to be fair a lot of us treat it as a race and not a group ride🤔

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@James_Zwift Please could you correct my Zwiftpower results too (also got UPG)… TOW Stage 4 today - 11.04 am (C group ride), GMT +2


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@James_Zwift i also have an ugly upg on my ToW stage 4 C route 9am EST