ABSA Cape Epic Workout Series

(Matthias) #24

Hi Michael. I have Android and if I click on the graph then a new page is opened and the workout details are shown.

This feature should be available for IOS according to this release note: Zwift Companion Release: August 1 (2.4.0 iOS, Android)

Best thing would be to check if you have the latest app version and then contact Zwift Support if this is a IOS related problem and by when they will fix / make it available.

(G.) #25

Any chance someone have Training #13 and #14 from last week?

I have all others screeshot if someone needs.


(G.) #26

Ok, I found a rider who did both last week, so I confirm that it’s possible to see the training with Companion (iOS). So now I have all of them on screenshot. Thanks

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(Matthias) #27

Zwift provides now a download link with the workout files. You find the download link here: https://zwift.com/epic

The workouts will be available in-game soon!

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(Matthias) #28

The ABSA Cape Epic workouts are now available with the latest update. Look out for workout section Mountain Bike.

@Vincent_Williams1: thanks again to Zwift HQ for making this happen!