Off the MAAP - Not West Australian Friendly Schedule

Off the MAAP - an event for Australian’s and NZ’ders.

Super excited to have seen an Event Aimed at us Aussies. Then I looked at the schedule. It completely misses the Western Side of Australia. For the West Aussies the latest ride is 6pm and the pre work options are 4am or 7am.

Such a shame that the schedule times are so ignorant of half of the country that this is aimed at. A work schedule of 8:30am till 5:30-6pm is completely normal in Australia and ironically I work in a bike shop that closes at 6pm.

Any chance the schedule could be amended to add in an extra ride to allow for West Aussies to participate after work - therefore 8pm WST? Or one in the morning for 6am WST.

Even better, like so many other events where each day the schedule shifts by an hour to allow everyone a chance to participate? It worked so well for the Tour Zwift.

It’s very much like the schedules are aimed at only Sydney and Melbourne. Imagine if all schedules in the USA were designed for NY / Phili times only. California peeps wouldn’t be super happy. Rather frustrating.